Small to midsized businesses often face a dilemma when it comes to enlisting legal counsel: hire a vice president who serves a dual role as inside counsel? Engage attorneys on a project-by-project basis? For many, full-time in-house legal counsel simply isn’t financially feasible.

Both of those alternatives have significant downsides, however. With the VP-as-counsel approach, it can be a stretch for one person to play dual roles. Additionally, they may not have the in-depth legal know-how to address the countless array of issues that can arise.

With the project-based approach, by contrast, the contract attorneys may not have an in-depth understanding of the business itself. This approach is also reactive rather than proactive; it focuses on addressing issues after they arise rather than preventing them in the first place.

A third way

At Cowden Law Co. LPA, we offer a more effective, efficient model of outsourced legal counsel. With our approach, we get to know your business (and the industry) inside and out. We play a proactive role in recommending safeguards for preventing costly disputes. We handle everything from compliance to transactions to contracts, employment law and more.

Take a look at our free white paper, “Using An Outsourced General Counsel Approach In Today’s Business,” to learn more about the Cowden model and its many benefits.